About Us

2TecGuys.com is an installation and service company with 15 years of combined experience in design, engineering, assembly and maintenance of low voltage systems. These systems include Security Cameras, Wireless Alarms, Networks, Home Theater, Surround Sound, Smart Thermostats, and much more.

2TecGuys.com is a team of dedicated professionals who can install and integrate any electronic system from the very basic to the most complex. We’ve been always strong in resources for ongoing implementation of the latest electronic technologies.

The strength of 2TecGuys.com is based on our talented and dedicated team who continuously demonstrate their commitment in providing a professional and reliable service each and every day.

2TecGuys.com offers service to private homes, commercial and residential buildings, government facilities, distribution centers, industrial complexes, schools, airports, restaurants, banks, hotels and retail stores… virtually any type of office or building space.

Quality and competitiveness are words that have become synonymous with 2TecGuys.com. We’ve earned the trust of our customers through integrity, reliability and superior performance. We have challenged ourselves to be the link to 100% customer satisfaction. We know that technology is very hard to keep up with, therefore you can be confident to leave the homework to us! Your happiness is our satisfaction.

Meet The Owner
It was always said that Albert was born with a hammer and screwdriver in hand. Ever since he was little, he would find things to fix around the house. While most kids would dream of going to Toys R Us, Albert would dream of going to Home Depot. Fixing things around the house quickly turned into a hobby in his early teens. That’s when he expanded to doing work for family and friends. By the time Albert was 18, he was involved with all aspects of major construction. Having no boundaries to his learning edge and desire for technology, it was a given that Albert steered to the technology sector and continued working with his hands. Now in his late 20’s, his goal is to revolutionize this industry when it comes to customer satisfaction. Albert believes this is a fairly simple task being that working with his hands is one of the greatest joys in his life and never feels like it’s work.