Our Services

At 2TecGuys.com we strive to be the leaders and innovators with the services we offer to our customers. We stand by the saying, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Not only do we stand by it, but we apply it every single time we do a job for you! Our goal is to bring your ideas to reality.

These are our most popular available services that we offer. If you don’t see something you would like, don’t hesitate to ask!

Security Cameras

The surveillance industry is in the middle of a revolution and we are innovating at every possible moment! The quality available today is like no other. A lot of times we see blurry images on the news that law enforcement releases and we question the point of even having cameras. Well up until recently, they were really considered to be a major deterrent to burglaries and robberies alike.

We only use the best wiring technology available on the market regardless of the quality of cameras you choose. That’s because we give you the option of upgrading to a better system at a later time without having to rewire the entire space.

The choices today are endless, so let us help you make that important decision!

Home Theater / TV Installation

 We put these 2 together simply because TV’s are only getting better and better. It used to be that for a true home theater experience, you needed extremely expensive equipment such as projectors, receivers, amplifiers, etc. Today, most people are happy with a large 4K LED TV and a quality sound bar.

2TecGuys.com will survey your room and give you our expertise on the several options you may have in order to complete your project. We will unpack your brand new TV, hang it, and leave you with a nice clean install.

Don’t be ripped off by big-box stores when it comes to wall mounts and wires. We offer our customers all types of mounts and wires for a fraction of the price. This includes ceiling, fixed, tilt, and full motion TV mounts. Our HDMI cables are held to the highest of standards and are compatible with all 4K 3D TVs on the market today.

Wire/Cable Management

At 2TecGuys.com we take wiring very seriously! We also take aesthetics beyond serious when it comes to wire/cable management. If we are doing the job from scratch, we guarantee a beautiful result of our wiring. If someone else unfortunately made your space look like a bunch of spaghetti, no worries. Contact us and we will be more than happy to make your wires look like art.

Network Solutions

Whether you want to build a brand new network, add to your existing one, or need repair and maintenance, 2TecGuys.com got you covered! Having trouble with bad WiFi coverage? Ask us about installing access points throughout your space.